Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Metrodome – Metrodome food!

Here’s a quick rundown of food choice at our beloved Metrodome (for Minnesota Twins games):

Best deal: $2.75 cup of fries. These are typical thick greasy “state fair” style fries, but at $2.75, they are probably the best thing you can get for your money (no guarantees they will still be that price for the 2008 Twins season).

Best item at the ice cream concession: Grand Slam Sundae all the way. The helmet sundae is boring and the root beer float is ok but it’s not Grand Slam-tastic!

Best hot dog: Dome Dog is still the champ. The dollar dogs are cheap but they just don’t compare to the thick juiciness of a Dome Dog.

Worst concession: The Dippin’ Dots knockoff packaged ice cream. Do not spend the six dollars or whatever it is on these terrible “treats.” The “dots” come out as one frozen block and they don’t have the soft yogurt texture of the original Dots.

Well there you go Minnesota Twins fans and Metrodome frequenters. Enjoy your Metrodome tickets and be vigilant with your concession choices.


hooker.c said...

As out-of-towners ready for a Twins’ game, can you update Metrodome food suggestions for the 2009 season. We’re there the 2nd week in April. Dome Dogs sound like a winner but should we sniff out more?

Kimberly said...

I agree! My daughter is going to a Twins game on May 14th. I want to send her with enough money to eat on and maybe get a souvenir with but I have NO CLUE as to how much everything is?